How a Bill Becomes Law – Part 2: The American Healthcare Act

Did you know that two of the Senators who helped draft the Crap Sandwich Healthcare Act came out against it?

That’s right!  Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, who were part of the drafting committee, came out against it!  Sure, the bill is opposed by majorities of doctors, nurses, patients, Democrats, Independents and Republicans, as well as majorities of every religion, every race and every ethnicity, but…the actual writers of it?

How did this even happen??  Were they completed wasted when they wrote it, and then they woke up the next morning and reread it and realized how horrible it was?

This is the beauty of our legislative process.  We share it to help our younger readers understand how their government is working for them.

Tensions Rise in President’s World of Pretend

Of course, healthcare wasn’t the only crisis facing the administration this week, what with things heating up in U.S. relations with Mika Brzezinski, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff ordering the president’s avatar to use force against CNN’s avatar.

Jackass von Dimwit

In fact, we’ve all been so busy playing along with the presidential game of make-believe, who has had time to notice the actual world?  Yet here too, President Jackass von Dimwit has shown his impressive command of policy.  First he boasted about getting tough with Qatar before someone explained to him that Qatar was…um…an ally.  Oops.  Then he demanded passage of a law that already exists – telling a rally in Iowa that the time has come that we had a law barring immigrants from going on welfare.  That’s a pretty common sense idea, you have to admit.  Which is why Bill Clinton signed it into law in 1996.

Finally, one of the under-laughed-at stories of the last couple of weeks was the White House Press Conference of June 22.  Not only were video cameras banned from this event, but it was accompanied by a memo explaining that the fact the cameras would be banned was also “Not Reportable.”   That’s right!  Here in Trumplandia, the press is not allowed to report that they are not allowed to report.  In fact, we are not actuallyreporting this.  This whole article does not exist.

Commentary:  Don’t You Just Hate Sick People?

It is time for a personal comment, which we deliver solemnly, and from the heart.  Sure, we have had our yucks making fun of The American Healthcare Act.  And there is no doubt that this legislation is very bad for sick people.  But when you really think it, so what?  Which is why The Trumplandia Review proudly endorses the American Healthcare Act.

Can we just be frank for a minute?  We are getting really sick of sick people. Always with their problems!   So you have cancer?  Well whoop-tee-do.   It just so happens we have Erectile Dysfunction and you don’t hear us going on and on about it, do you?  (Wait….Not Reportable.  Definitely NOT REPORTABLE!)

A Happy 4th to all!



  1. Did you know that in the UK Cockney Rhyming slang for taking a dump is called “doing a Donald?”. His international reputation appears to have no bounds, it’s even reached the bog holes of Bow. People relate to him all over the world.

    The planet is asking how the hell did we get into this sh’T. !!!

    For some reason the words that rhyme with Trump are always poetically evocative:

    bump, chump, clump, crump, dump, flump, frump, glump, grump, gump, gumpp, hump, jump, klump, klumpp, krump, kump, lump, lumpp, covfefe, plump, pump, rump, schlump, scrump, slump, stumpp, sump, thrump, thump, whump, toxic waste dump and stumped

    Think of these words next time you visit your Maralago “faclities”.

    The man is so inspirational to poets… his name is written in ‘yellow ochre’.

    • 🙂 that’s amazing about Cockney rhyming slang! but yeah…world-famous idiot. as to how we got into it…i ask myself that every day!

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