A Very Special Message To Our Readers

The Following Message is Our Way of Saying Thank You to Our Readers.  



Share This Message to Show Your Support for Things That are Good.  And Your Opposition to Things That are Bad. 



  1. I do SO admire the author’s courageous stance in support of things that are good, and his brave decision to be in opposition to things that are bad! In this age of passivity and cynicism, to be both in support AND in opposition, at one and the same time, signals not only capaciousness but virtue… And the three little periods that trail each line… they depthen the Deepness…beautify the Beatitude… and cherify the Cherishness…

    • sometimes someone has to take a stand! And if nobody else is going, I for one and going to stand with things that are good!


      can i use ‘depthen’? or have copyrighted that?

      thanks for the comment.

  2. You are the pigeon that just shat on my shoulder. The bunny that ate my sweater. The pony that my parents gave me when I was 13 and that I wound up mucking the stalls for for years. Sentimentality entails a lot of poop.

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