My new novel, “The Feet Say Run,” is out!!!!

You can get a copy here.

tfsr front

Very much unlike this blog, “The Feet Say Run,” is a serious, literary novel.  I will go out on a limb here:  this is by far the best thing I have written.   Reader reaction so far has been really outstanding.  Here is a brief blurb:

The Feet Say Run is the story of a life spent running–a literary novel that is also a suspenseful page-turner, a work at once emotionally gripping and darkly comic. In his waning years, Hans Jaeger finds himself stranded on a desert island—the last island not mapped by modern GPS — with a small band of survivors. What is my particular crime? he asks. Why have I been chosen for this fate? And so he begins the chronicle of his long life.

He tells the tale of his life in Nazi Germany, the Jewish girl he loved, and his years fighting with the Wehrmacht. His war experiences are vividly individual—a struggle for survival in the most harrowing of circumstances—and yet also the broader story of the cruelty and absurdity of the Nazi regime, the madness of men, and of war itself.

I would like to stress that, though a fair piece of this book takes place in Nazi Germany, it is really not a Holocaust novel, and covers a rather broad slice of history and humanity.   I will update as soon as links are available to purchase.

My previous novel, LISA33, which came out in 2003, is available here.

Praise for LISA33:

“Swift, immensely amusing first novel…Log on and join the fun.” — Kirkus Reviews, December 15, 2003


“Lisa33 is an eccentric, hilarious book and, in the end, very moving.” — Garrison Keillor


“This book is a wonder. Scorchingly funny, incredibly intelligent and surprisingly moving. From the hilarious opening pages I was hooked.” — Laura Zigman, author of “Animal Husbandry” 


“Vivid and hilarious.”  Grade: A — Entertainment Weekly

One word of note regarding LISA33:  It is very explicit, and occasionally x-rated.  If you are not comfortable with this, you will probably not enjoy this book.  If you are, it should be an entertaining ride, with a serious side to it.