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The Rotting Post is the Fastest-Growing humor site on the web (we think).  It is also The Trumplandia Review, that has been in existence since the infamous inauguration day, Jan 21, 2017, and is dedicated exclusively to ridiculing the current occupants of the White House.

These are the topics we will cover here – in helpful list form for those PowerPoint users who find whole paragraphs intimidating:

  1. Snark – Here at The Rotting Post, we take snark seriously.
  2. Social Comment – Prepare to be shaken, kneed in the groin, and punched in the solar plexus with our insight.
  3. Writing – We have a thing about books, publishing, and especially, bad writing.  We love bad writing.
  4. Donald Trump – making fun of the president is what we’re all about.
  5. Lists – Lists of lists.   Anything in list form.   We intend to elevate the status of the list to its rightful place as a literary form.
  6. Miscellany – We will be quirky, dammit!  Or we will die trying.  Probably in a tragic yodeling accident.

THE ROTTING POST –   “Literary Snark At Its Finest”

THE TRUMPLANDIA REVIEW – “The Most Trusted Name In Fake News”

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