These are the topics we will cover here – in helpful list form for those PowerPoint users who find whole paragraphs intimidating:

1.   Snark – Here at The Rotting Post, we take snark seriously.  We will even snark other snark.

2.  Social Comment – Prepare to be shaken, kneed in the groin, and punched in the solar plexus with our insight.

3.  Writing – We have a thing about books, publishing, and especially, bad writing.  We love bad writing.

4.  Lists – Lists of lists.   Anything in list form.   We intend to elevate the status of the list to its rightful place as a literary form.

5.  Miscellany – We will be quirky, dammit!  Or we will die trying.  Probably in a tragic yodeling accident.


–   “Feel the Rot”