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Dan Blum
Dan Blum (Photo credit: Randy Goodman)

When I look back on it, and with the wisdom and benefit of hindsight, it is truly astonishing how many unremarkable things have happened to me, how many uninteresting stories I have, just how much nothing, really, has been pressed into one life. I am therefore distilling my biography to its minimum.

The Rotting Post and its companion, The Trumplandia Review, are written and edited by Dan Blum.

Four fun facts about Dan Blum:

  1. I grew up in a family of five where every member of the family besides me is either a psychologist or psychoanalyst (brother and father are analysts, mother and sister are clinical psychologists).

  2. Yes, they do chase me around the basement trying to analyze me, and yes, they are probably analyzing this very sentence even as you are reading it.  In fact, one of them observed that the post about the hospital johnnies reflected matricidal fantasies. “Does that mean you liked it?” I asked. To which I received a nod of sorts, a very familiar nod that generally means, “It was quite interesting in terms of your Oedipus complex.

  3. I am a novelist who once (this is true) received a six-figure advance for a comic literary novel (see this post).

  4. I am going rogue. No, not like Sarah Palin. More like Truman Capote. Or Batman.

One more fun fact (that’s a special value of 5 facts for the price of 4!):

  1. I can peel an apple in a single motion without ever tearing the peel.

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