Replacing Those Fake Time Covers on the Walls of Trump’s Golf Courses


Here’s our recommendation:

Many of you have already seen this on our facebook page.  Just wanted to share it with those who haven’t.  Full new post will be up in the next couple of days.



  1. I was thinking about your blog the other day while listening to talk of Trump’s tirade against the TV hosts. When does being a satirist begin to feel like an impossible game of limbo? I mean how low is the bar he sets going to go? Hats off to you (from Canada watching the land of my birth in horror).

    • happy 150th birthday Canada!

      it still seems like there is more material than i can handle and i wind up passing up on a lot just to keep the pieces short.

      much of the time i am too upset to find a way to laugh at stuff. for instance, if obamacare repeal were succeeding…not sure i could do a humor piece on that. we’ll see. so far…it is still keeping me sane. thanks for the comment.

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