United States Has Beautiful, Heartfelt Make-Up Sex With China

US Has Make-up Sex with China

It was another amazing week here in the magical kingdom of Trumplandia – where all your dreams become fake-facts.

After months of sniping and arguing and threats, the United States finally invited China to Mar-a-Lago and it was soooooooo beautiful.  They really, truly listened to each other,  just totally opened up and understood each other,  and then they had the most romantic foreign relations, and afterward they stayed up late talking about North Korea, and then the next morning – this part is so beautiful – China approved Ivanka’s trademarks so she can sell her products there, and guess what?  China isn’t a currency manipulator after all!!!  I always tear up at happy endings like that.

Okay, it was a bit awkward afterward when South Korea caught the US and China going at it,  and the Gilded One declared, after his night of passion, that Korea had once been part of China,  and South Korea pointed out that that wasn’t true at all, that the US was lying, and they felt hurt because they thought they had meant something to the United States.   But hey, South Korea, we never said it was, like, exclusive.  Geez!

Will the US Attack Pearl Harbor? 

Meanwhile another rift developed with another key Pacific ally, Hawaii.  This started when a Hawaiian judge blocked the Muslim travel ban, causing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to comment that he was amazed that a judge from “an island in the Pacific” could stop an executive order by an American president!

Incredible trivia fact to wow your friends with:  Hawaii is actually part of the United States!

Well, hopefully our new ally China can help us make peace with Hawaii, since they’re both out there in the Pacific somewhere.

Stuff Happens With Some Unimportant Countries

Next it was on to a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni where Dear Leader declared:

Through the ages, your country has been a beacon of artistic and scientific achievement.  That continues today.  From the Venice to Florence, from Verdi to Pavarotti – a friend of mine, great friend of mine – these bonds of history and culture have only grown stronger.

Yup.  Did it again.  President Idiot seems unaware that his great friend Pavarotti has been dead for ten years.  Thankfully, Pavarotti’s passing hasn’t affected their really close make-believe friendship.

Incredibly, in the very same sentence, Calamity Don managed to mispronounce “Verdi,”  to rhyme with “turdy” (which, come to think of it, would be a perfect adjective to describe his plan to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts, the one organization that might have been able to educate him on who Giuseppe Verdi actually was).

After insulting South Korea, Italy and Hawaii, what more was there to do besides call Canada a disgrace and telephone Turkish strongman Recep Erdogan to congratulate him on his dubious referendum victory that undermined the Turkish constitution.  True, Erdogan has purged the country of thousands of political opponents and is destroying Turkish democracy.   But disgraceful Canada has actually subsidized its dairy industry!  And if there is one thing the United States of America absolutely will not tolerate, it is agricultural subsidies!

And just think of it:  Our glorious leader managed to do all of this, cause so much mayhem, at the very same time that our armada was speeding in the wrong direction away from North Korea!

geopolitical developments

After another truly amazing week, there was nothing to do but host old pals Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent for a White House dinner.  Nugent is of course the colorful, folksy singer who once called President Obama, “a chimpanzee subhuman mongrel.”  So it was sure to be a fun-filled evening.

Baked Alaska was served in honor of Sarah Palin.  And with Donald and Sarah there together, we assume there was a traditional word salad.



A sign I enjoyed at the March for Science in Boston yesterday:


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  1. Each week of Trumplandia better and/ better. Al have been the”best.” I’ve been laughing out loud
    while silently crying over your highlights. Grateful for The Map of Trumplandia. RG

    • i did laugh at the ‘al Dante’ but i have to say, when it is obvious he is reading something and clearly does not know what he is reading, and therefore cannot pronounce correctly…what’s the word for that? I’m going to go with “Sad.” thx for the comment 🙂

  2. The only thing missing from this post was something about the Easter egg roll. Other than that, your usual snarky brilliance. Although the image of the US and China making love in the form of those countries’ respective presidents did send a shiver down my spine.

    • i didn’t read anything about the easter egg roll. will have to go google it. thanks. lots of stuff didn’t make it actually. i had something about the patriots visit to the white house and took it out. Plus DeVos’ brother meeting a putin associate in the seychelles was pretty wild!

  3. Based on the history of the gilded idiot president one need not worry about the duration of his international romances. Brilliant as usual!

  4. Very funny as usual. Helpful map/chart. Couldn’t help but notice the absence this week of commentary about Russia; will try not to take it personally. Thanks!

  5. Very funny!! Yet so sad it’s actually true.

    On Sun, Apr 23, 2017 at 11:09 AM, The Rotting Post wrote:

    > rottingpost posted: “In This Issue: US Has Make-up Sex with China It was > another amazing week here in the magical kingdom of Trumplandia – where all > your dreams become fake-facts. After months of sniping and arguing and > threats, the United States finally invited China to M” >

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