In Peach The President! – And More From the “Donald Trump 4 President” Facebook Page

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We here at Rotting Post World Headquarters are sick and tired of the wussy, dumbing down of the language by the lamestream media, the Democraps, and the libtards.  Which is why we are broadcasting today from the “Donald Trump 4 President” Facebook Page – a place where real Americans can hate freely in real  American.

In fact, there are new posts every few seconds here, so it is impossible to provide more than a snapshot of this burgeoning young literary form – the Vote-For-Trump Facebook Comment.  We’re here visiting a single thread  (about Obama’s reaction to the defeat of gun control measures in the senate) and providing constructive criticism of a few sample comments.  Our hope is to understand this new medium, the Vote-For-Trump Facebook Comment, and help these burgeoning talents develop their true voices.


RP:  Too passive, Roger.  This would be stronger in a more active voice.


RP:    Michael, impressive use of metaphor.  Metaphor can be one of the most effective tools for today’s racist hater.


RP:  Dave, good work and glad to hear about your erection.   Sharing personal experiences, such as your hard-on, can help  “humanize” your point, bringing it to a level others can identify with.


RP:  Dan,  excellent use of active voice.  Think about developing your ideas more.   Remember:  show it, don’t tell it.


RP:  Howard, nice imagery, especially the contrast between, “Black” Muslim and the “White” House!   Try using more adjectives.  Compare your simple “Muslim” with Dave’s “fake ass muslim trojan horse”.  See how effective that can be?



RP:  Kay, watch the run-on sentences.    Suggest you include a recipe.


RP:  Solid work, Franco!   You seamlessly pull together a broad range of psycho, paranoid and bigoted material.   Do you want, “N…” instead of “NEGRO”?   Just a suggestion.


RP:  Jim,  we refuse to be one of those PC grammar Nazis, pointing out that 25% of your words are misspelled or  incorrect.  Nobody ever talks about the 75% that are correct do they?   Traders.


Eric, that was very moving.  Beautifully said.


Paula, excellent use of simile.   Your comparison is truly enlightening.


Ron, this is richly crafted and strongly sardonic.  I look forward to seeing how you develop your hate in the future.


And, because we are live-blogging as it happens, here is some special, bonus coverage:

It turns out some of the most free-speaking, open, expressive and evocative language of all was directed not at the president but at Attorney General Loretta Lynch:


Oh we get it, Kori!   Hahahahah.  She should “lynched”.  LOL!!!!   Because her name is “Lynch” and she’s black.  And lynching is just the funniest, most hilarious part of our history!  ROFL!  OMG I’m dying.  She should be “lynched”!   Nice one!


Well, we hope you have all found this helpful.  For next post we plan to be back on planet earth, hopefully writing about our cat, or school cafeteria food (we once had a competition to see who could make their burger bounce the highest) or something else that is mild and amusing.  Until then…be chill.  If you are under 20.   And cheerio.  If you are over 80.  Tata.  All for now.  Peace out.  And to all you Trumpophiles:  ciao, au revoir, adios, sayonara, Auf Wiedersehen, hasta la vista.  And very hearty Shalom.


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  1. Even thought I get the humor, and it is funny, I wish that you hadn’t given attention to those vile comments – they are truly disgusting and do not deserve the space you have given them. The attacks on our President are not even slightly decent – I feel like I have just waded through a cesspool.

    • Julie, thanks for your thoughts. Yes, the comments are about as vile and repulsive as you can get, and i realize it is not necessarily easy reading. For myself though, I think it is important to shine a light on them. They are out there, not by the dozens but by the tens of thousands or more. And many people have no idea of the real level of hate. Hopefully showing that they deserve nothing but mockery is a better way of dealing with them than either ignoring them or directly engaging with them. But i understand your view.

    • Oh, I assure, there was no need whatever to invent any comments, including the first one. There was loads of other incoherent ones, catastrophic misspellings, etc. i just quickly grabbed a good sampling.

  2. Loved this piece. Especially enjoyed the the the peeing as a get of of jail card, and the wonderful observation of the the slit in the back of hospital gown as haute coutjre, or a special for voyuers.

    • I understand, this one is disturbing, no matter how much you try to laugh at it. But I still think it is important for people to see what is getting posting, literally every second of every day.

      • You’re right of course. Those comments are out there and refusing to acknowledge them doesn’t make them go away; with your post at least I got to laugh while I cringed.

  3. Ahhhhh. This is so disturbing. I think all the sane people should vote for the country to Trexit (withdraw from everything and anything Trump). Loved grammatical advice. Too funny.

  4. Wow, just wow. I don’t know what to say. My husband sees the dark side and like you thinks it should be turned out from under its soggy rock. You do it so well. What scares me is that those individuals quoted above won’t see the sarcastic responses as anything but endorsements of their points of view. It creeps me out to realize that. I’ve always believed people strive to a higher level of enlightenment but someone forgot to inform these others of that. I’m speechless. Okay, not speechless but like other responders, I have cold chills running up and down my spine. I don’t like cold chills.

    • thanks for the comment. i personally do not think these individuals are likely to change. Not most anyway. But at least those who are less extreme should know who they are in bed with. Next post will be a lot lighter, i can promise!

      • Wake up … your president is hinged to some of the most vile and contemyable people on this earth… Trump has more morals in his pinky than the 2 idiots put together… Killary is even worse

        • Wake up … your president is hinged to some of the most vile and contemptable people on this earth… Trump has more morals in his right pinky than these 2 idiots put together… Killary is even worse


  5. Although I enjoyed your sarcastic replies, it’s terrifying to think that these were real comments from real people. What can be done to tackle such unreasoning and totally ignorant hatred? I don’t even know where to begin. 🙁

    • thanks for the comment. One further point i haven’t made yet: i read probably a couple of hundred comments and picked out a select few. There were many more disgusting racist posts, no need to reproduce pages of them. But what was also remarkable was what was there: not a SINGLE post from anyone saying “this goes to far”. Not a single check on the racist hate. Just each piling on, each trying to outdo the other.

      • That’s what I hated about Twitter and why I stopped using it. You end up surrounded by like-minded people and get pushed toward greater and greater extremes. Even the people on the same side of the political spectrum began to scare me.

        • Yes, exactly! I see this so much with Facebook. Even my fellow progressives start to frustrate me, because I feel everyone is supposed to think in lockstep, everyone is supposed “like” and nod their assents to the same, over-simplified slogans, and everyone gets pulled to the extremes. the ‘moderate’ posts get no attention.

    • Instead of just making comments do some active research on you tube about Hillaries invovement in murders and the crazy crap the president is behind to reduce the American dream to ashes

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