BOOKS WE’RE CURRENTLY SKIMMING – Our Special Book Review Issue

Seventeen Across” by Dan Brown

dan brown

Robert Langdon, Dan Brown’s world-famous Professor of Symbology, is at it again.  This time, he uncovers a shocking pattern while doing the Friday crossword:   Words that begin with vowels occur far more often in the puzzle than could be expected by random occurrence!   It has to mean something!  But what?   Questions marks?????   Or….exclamation points!!!!!   The mystery takes us from the sun-baked hamlets of Castille to the “Highlights for Children” at the local pediatrician’s office.   With mounting suspense, Langdon’s investigation races on from Crossword to Sudoku to “How Many Socks Do You See In This Picture?”.   And all to answer one devastating question that the future of the world could depend upon:  What the heck is “Symbology”?


 “The Ladle” by Nicole Krauss  

nicole krauss

It looks like a common kitchen utensil.  But it once belonged to Kafka’s cook, and later found it’s way to Sylvia Plath’s stove.  Now, as the ladle passes from hand to hand, everyone who possesses it feels an uncontrollable need to share their really depressing interior monologues.

Take a gulp from Krauss’s latest magical stew of a novel, and double-over with your own metaphysical stomach cramps.


“!  IS FOR  !#&@%^” by Sue Grafton

sue grafton

Popular mystery writer Sue Grafton has finally run out of letters for her alphabet series, after “Y IS FOR YURT” and “Z IS FOR ZYGOTE”.   In her latest, “!  IS FOR  !#&@%^”, Grafton’s gritty Private Investigator Kinsey Millhone attempts to upgrade to Windows 10 and finds herself in an epic swearing fit.  Meanwhile, Millhone’s accountant is bludgeoned to death with a soup ladle.   Is it a premeditated murder?  Or has a reader of Nicole Krauss’s long-winded prose finally gone berserk and committed a random act of violence?   And can Millhone get Windows 10 working before the killer strikes again?   Or will there be more #!&@%^! ?  It’s all spun together as only Grafton and a number of other writers like her can do it.


Also in this issue: 

  • A new stanza to “The Wheels on the Bus”.
  • Poetry by somebody you never heard of.
  • Special Audio Feature:  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg does a dramatic reading of Anais Nin’s, “Delta of Venus”.




    • Hmm…maybe we could create a gigantic controversy, report it to the media, and both become fantastically famous!! 🙂 actually, the day after i posted my piece ‘Ted Cruz Chooses Carly Fiorina as his Losing Mate” the late show used almost the identical tag-line for their bit: “Ted Cruz Chooses His Losing Mate” or something like that. i’m pretty sure it was coincidence. but it did raise an eyebrow.

  1. Hah! Rotting Post Guy personally answers comments to his blog posts! This will not last long. Soon RPG will administer the RP empire from an office at the very top of a spire overlooking his immense compound in Tristan de Cunha, while a stable of writers, each dedicated to a single part of speech, write all the posts and replies from the stables below. And we, our hearts broken yet again, will move on to another object of reverence. But not me. You should totally interview me. I’m really good with the adverbs.

    • ha. if only! adverbs, huh? too bad. i was really looking for a preposition guy. btw, if you have not looked at the ‘contest’ page…definitely take a look. thanks for the note.

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