Trump Blames Failure to Fill Post of White House Dog on Democrats

For the first time in over a century, there is no official White House pet – one of the many vacancies yet to be filled in the Trump Administration.

Today, amid swirling questions surrounding the vacancy, President Trump went on the offensive.  “It is time the Democrats quit playing games and acted on Buddy, my nominee for White House Dog.  Buddy is by far the most qualified White House Dog in history.  He will do an absolutely unbelievable job.”


The Democrats tell a different story.  “We have received nothing so far from the White House.  No background information.   It is shocking and unprecedented that President Trump has left this post vacant for so long.”

“He’s a true patriot,” Vice President Pence said of Buddy, “who will fulfill his duties with integrity and honor.”  But critics accuse Buddy of blindly following orders. “Right now, we need a White House Dog who thinks and acts independently,” Senator Bernie Sanders (I) stated.  “I’m sorry to say that is not Buddy.”



  1. I’ve heard about Buddy. I hear he’s doing great things….

    Buddy Clinton dog.jpg
    Species Canis lupus familiaris
    Breed Labrador Retriever
    Sex Male
    Born August 7, 1997
    Denton, Maryland, U.S.
    Died January 2, 2002 (aged 4)
    Chappaqua, New York, U.S.
    Nation from United States
    Occupation First Dog of the United States
    Years active 1997–2002
    Known for Being the pet of the First Family of the United States
    Owner Bill Clinton
    Appearance Brown fur

  2. I’ve heard that buddy plays a mean game of fetch, cowers on command, and likes to roll in dead salmon carcasses.
    But whatever other attributes he
    may have, good or bad, he will definitely raise the average IQ in the White House.

  3. The Humane Society credo clearly states that exposing any animal to the ministrations of any member of the Trump family constitutes abuse.

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