How Big of an Idiot is Donald Trump? We Ask The Experts

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Donald Trump Is the Biggest Idiot In the Entire Universe

Donald Trump just told a reporter for The Economist that he invented the eighty-year-old phrase, “priming the pump”!   He told an actual economist, “I just came up with it a couple of days ago”!!!  And that’s not even the stupid part!  He then promptly misused the phrase!  That’s right!  He misused the phrase he claimed to have invented!

This is a man who invited suspected Russian Spy Sergey Kislyak to the Oval Office and told Kislyak that he just fired his FBI Director Comey, so everything’s totally cool now, knowing that this would be in the Official Transcript of the meeting!!!!

Donald Trump misspelled the word, “Tap” in his tweets!   This is not exactly a Scripps Spelling Bee challenge word!  It’s spelled phonetically. “T-A-P”!!!  How can you fucking misspell that???

Donald Trump is the Biggest Idiot in the Entire Universe.


There Could Be Bigger Idiots Than Donald Trump in the Universe

No one is disputing that Donald Trump is the biggest idiot on the planet.  But let’s remember:  there are countless planets in the universe.   We cannot say which might have a bigger idiot than Donald Trump.

As astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson observed, “There could be billions of planets out there that contain life.”  But how many have unintelligent life?  And of those that contain unintelligent life, how many have life that has evolved to the level of stupidity of Donald Trump?

Science does not know what’s out there.  There could be bigger idiots in the universe.

Who’s Right?  You Decide.



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