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COSMOPOLITAN / TREE – The World’s Leading Botanical Glamour Magazine

    Our Cosmo Tree Interview with Lady Aspen by Ava Malvino, October 16, 2017   We sat down with celebrity hardwood Lady Aspen recently in Sun Valley, ordered...

Europe & The Middle East On Five Million Dollars A Day...

This is the biggest guidebook since Marco Polo. We're getting unbelievable numbers!

Consumer Reports Review: The 2017 Inflatable Dolls

A Mad Little Consumer Reports Parody
Ted Cruz Only Republican Left Endorsing Trump

Ted Cruz Only Republican Left Endorsing Trump

“Where’s Everyone Going?  I just got here.” HOUSTON, Texas - At a hastily arranged press conference today, Ted Cruz seemed stung by the string of...


All employees shall be rated Betwixt One and Five, where Five Is equal-weighted Against Three, so to derive An average of no more than Four So to Inspire every Three To his/her Potentiality In keeping with the advocated Goals so eloquently stated On our intranet. O click
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