Monthly Archives: April 2017

100 Days of Trump

When de Sade wrote his, "120 Days of Sodom," he had not even met Donald Trump! And he thought he understood depravity!

United States Has Beautiful, Heartfelt Make-Up Sex With China

In this issue: South Korea feels used. Trump does realize his bff Luciano Pavarotti has been dead for 10 years.

BREAKING NEWS: NATO is No Longer Obsolete!

In this Issue: Professor Spicer Teaches About the Holocaust! Trump Shows Off His "Hard Power"! Place Your MOAB Orders!

Trumplandia – Our Special 11th Anniversary Non-Issue

Well, it's been a rather busy week here at the  Trumplandia Review World Headquarters, what with our nephew's wedding and sundry other events.  Further,...

Move Over T. rex. There’s a New Monster Reptile in Town

Also In this issue: Energy For the Future - Clean Blubber
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