Monthly Archives: February 2017

The New, Improved Trump Adminstration – Now With More Nukes Than Ever!

Also in this Issue: Is He Really Our President? Or Just Another Mental Patient On Our Ward?

Breaking: Nuclear Holocaust Would Be Bad!

Also in this Issue: General Trump's Baby Prawn: We Have the Secret Recipe. Administration Rolls Out Senior Douchebag Steven Miller. Kellyanne Given "Alternative" Role: Keep Silent!
Trump Tower Wiretap Reveals President is Gassy

The President Gets Debriefed: We Have the Shocking Pictures!

Also In this Issue: The Best Words! The Best Spellings! Grizzly Bear Shows up at DeVos Hearing

Trumplandia: Formerly the United States

Also In This Issue: Our exclusive Interview with Frederick Douglass. Plus: The Lessons of Bowling Green.
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